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Bestseller of the Year: Pest Reject. Ultrasonic waves are environmentally friendly, free of substances. Odorless, not harmful to humans and pets (limited number of products available)

  • Satisfaction level : ★★★★★ Date 21/10/2017

    Mice, ants, cockroaches, I've had all of them. It completely stressed me out. I started thinking about buying a mousetrap, but I didn't want to kill the mice. Cockroaches like to come out at night..no idea how to get rid of those.. Then a friend told me about Pest Reject and I bought it after I heard it worked very well for him. After using PestReject for only a few weeks, all mice, ants and cockroaches are gone.

  • Satisfaction level : ★★★★★ Date 10/9/2017

    This device is excellent. I do a lot of cooking, so often my kitchen is full of cockroaches. It stresses me out,but I do not want to use chemicals because I feel bad for killing them and I worry that the chemicals will stick to my kitchen equipment. I found this device and decided to try it. It works great...I now do not have to worry about roaches anymore.

  • Satisfaction level : ★★★★★ Date 1/8/2017

    I needed a product like this for a long time! I desperately needed to get rid of cockroaches! Every night I heard a noise behind my bed. But since a few days, that noise is gone. And those flying cockroaches? I haven't seen any of them anymore..

  • Satisfaction level : ★★★★★ Date 12/7/2017

    Cockroaches were everywhere in my house: some even flew across my room. It drove me crazy, but then I bought Pest Reject and now I don't see them anymore.

  • Satisfaction level : ★★★★★ Date 3/6/2017

    After living in a house with mice for 9 years, I couldn't stand it any longer. Every day I was worrying about parasites that come with the mice. So I bought this Pest Reject and after only a few weeks all the mice were gone.

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