Homeowners Are Furious With Their Power Company!

What is the one thing your power company doesn't want you to know? A new product is taking the world by storm that saves people up to 1,000's of pounds yearly on their electric bills. Has your power company told you that? (I didn't think so.)

A few months after people started using the Power Factor Saver, they were shocked when they saw the drop in their energy consumption..with an equal drop in what they had to pay! The device lowers the operating current of electrical equipment, which leads to less energy consumption. Depending on which and how many electrical appliances you are using you can expect to pay 30 to 50% less for electricity!

How to use the device? It couldn't be simpler: plug in the device in any socket in the room where you are using the most electrical appliances, that's all. You can even plug it into an extension or adaptor and it will work just as good. You have a lot of appliances? You then might want to plug in an extra one for even more savings.

Besides the obvious financial advantages, it also lowers the electromagnetic radiation you're your appliances, always a good thing especially if you have kids or pets. Now power savers are nothing new, they have been around for many years. But most of these (if not all) never quit lived up to what they were promising. So we decided to do some testing by ourselves.

Susanna Algrey, authority on all things energy related, set out to research this new up-and-coming product and find out if it lives up to its reputation. After several months Susanna was able to report back on her findings, and was excited to share that she was able to save 73.01 on her own energy bill, and there are many other people who have done the same and better. You should be excited to hear that many homeowners are able to save over 50 per month (over 600 per year!) on their energy bills. People in the know are now trying to order this power saver, but they are a bit hard to come by. We had to contact the manufacturer directly and were able to order one on the grounds that we would share our data with them after a few months.

Homeowners Are Furious With Their Power Company!

So how do I get my hands on one of these? Well, luckily the device has not been patented YET..which means that right now you can buy them for little money. This also explains why they are so hard to find online, let alone stores. The expectation is that patents will follow soon, which will inevitably result in these things getting WAY more expensive.

Quick Summary: Smart renters and homeowners are using this new Power Factor Saver to save up to 50% on their monthly energy costs. Patents have not been approved or requested yet, so right now they can be bought for little money..IF you can get your hands on one..

NOTE: these types of product ARE ALLOWED to be used by anyone. So ask yourself: why did my power company not inform me of the existence of this device? The answer is simple: money!

Where can I order?

You will probably not find it by googling for it by yourself. Right now the simplest way to order one as well is to visit this website, where the producers have informed us that they are testing sales right now. This tells us that their product will probably be launched nationwide soon and we have no guarantees that prices will not also go up.

So if you want to save HUGE on your electric bill as well and get this device at a great price, then go visit their website while you still can!