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Electricity saving device

Hello! My name is Martin Lenz, and all my life I worked as an electrician.

Евгений Абрамов

As far as I can remember, prices on electricity always rise! I know the prices on electricity are artificially inflated, so at home I always cheated with my consumption meter: I put a staple here, stick a magnet there, I set the meter a little back, etc. I have a big family so at home we were always consuming a lot of energy, with many kids you’ll get a lot of laundry. A computer also consumes a lot of electricity. So frankly, what I did was I stole some electricity from the State. I also have a job on the side, fixing the electrics in apartments. Once I was working in an apartment and there I saw an interesting thing. I took note of the meter reading, improved the wiring and told the landlord I’d return the next day to check if everything was working alright.


The next day the counter showed around 300 watt consumed. That’s should have been three times that much! I spoke to the landlord and he told me about this device that he bought and it reduced the consumption of electricity a LOT. I couldn’t believe my ears: I felt so embarrassed that I didn’t know such a simple device existed..and I had studied Physics! I bought 2 of them myself and in short, I now pay 3 times less for electricity. – ECOSAVER, I can recommend it everyone: the device is called ECOSAVER. It’s not that easy to find one in the shops, which I can understand: it is not an illegal device, but it does feel as if you are cheating the State. Nevertheless, we all pay taxes, a it’s only fair if we discover a way to cut down on our expenditures.

My son helped me to find it on the internet, and recently we found the page where they sell the original device. Here is  the address the website, have a look and decide if you want to save money too. And who doesn’t want to save money instead of wasting it? I for one can come up with a number of other things I would buy with MY money.


Comments for "Power Saving Device"

  • Lea Brown Writes:

    Martin, please tell me if I cannot buy this device in the regular shops? I never ordered anything online, but I would really love to try this device. Always want to save money wherever I can.

    • Martin Lenz Writes:

      No, you can NOT buy the ECOSAVER at the regular shops. But you can purchase it on the website where they offer a safe, secure online payment system. It's simple and really safe. I checked the website and used it to order for myself and my relatives without any problems.

    • Lea Brown Writes:

      Martin, thank you very much :) You convinced me and I am ordering it now. I’ll let you know here how it went.

  • Tony Westmer Writes:

    My daughter gave me this device as a gift – I now pay 45% less per month on electricity, while I’m still consumption the same amount. A very useful device! And most importantly, it couldn’t be easier to use: just plug it in and that's all there is to it! It really saves a lot. I recommend it to everyone!

    • Martin Lenz Writes:

      Good thing your daughter brought the same one for you. I hear that similar devices from other manufacturers are not as good and short-circuit sometimes.

  • Anthony Robertson Writes:

    The thing really works. It saves me up to 50%! My father bought the device too, but from a different Website at a much higher price..quite expensive. But on the website YOU mention here I bought it with 50% discount. I just checked and see that it’s still available at this price, but I’m not sure for how much longer! Great website and fast delivery.

  • Veronica Danza  Writes:

    I bought it too. A month later I checked the bill - I was so surprised. The device had saved me about 50%!  I now stopped unplugging my microwave oven and TV everytime I leave the house because this device saves on their automatic (silent) consumption as well. Thank you very much!

  • Monica Writes:

    Hi there! How does the device work? I want to buy one for myself and my husband.

  • Edward S. Writes:

    You can read in this  Website how it works . The operation of the device is described there in a simple and understandable fashion. I can also say that I had many doubts as well, but the webshop had this 50% off offer, so I decided to buy. After a month of use I saw the savings are about 45% !!! I was pleasantly surprised! And also important, it is legal. You don’t need to do anything ... just plug it in and that’s it!

  • Alexander deWitte Writes:

    My friend bought it for himself and his parents from the same Website. Later he also recommended it to me and at first I could not believe it, and now I am all smiles when I get the electricity bill. ECOSAVER makes it so easy save money.

  • Tim Scott Writes:

    I've been using EcoSaver for a long time, excellent gadget..

  • Albert Schweiger Writes:

    I live with my family. At the time when I bougfht it, they still had the 50% discount when ordering and so I did - here. The device already paid itself back in only 1 month. I recommend it to everyone! But only buy the ECOSAVER at that same website..all other pages will probably try to sell you an inferior device.

  • Steven Writes:

    Finally!! They still produce useful things. I recommend it! I save $10-20 each month!