Painless workouts and stretching!

Painless workouts and stretching!

  • prevents possible injuries during workouts,
  • relieves pain in the muscles,
  • prepares the bone and muscular systems for workouts.
3980 ₱ 1990 ₱

No side effects

All natural ingredients

Does not cause allergic reactions

Accelerates tissue regeneration


Soy oil
Corn oil
Spongilla extract
Rosemary leaf oil
Callisia fragrans extract


Many people believe that before workouts all you have to do is warm up your muscles. But then they still hurt and get strained. Use Boostergel in order to avoid this. This product is trusted both by newbies and pro athletes. Boostergel helps them remove swelling, prevent microinjuries in the tendons, and also avoid possible inflammation.

Pain in the muscles, strains, and microinjuries are problems that plague both beginners and athletes, not to mention experienced athletes. Meanwhile, a proper warm-up is not always able to prevent those difficulties. Your muscles need to be warmed up using special preparations: ointments, gels, creams, etc.Boostergel helps avoid muscle injuries, strained muscles, and pain after workouts.

How to apply Boostergel

How to apply Boostergel

A little bit of gel is to be applied to body parts subject to particular workloads during the workout

Wait until it fully absorbs without rubbing it in!

Apply 1-3 times per day

Boostergel: your loyal workout sidekick


3980 ₱ 1990 ₱